Whirlwind weekend wrap-up

It was wonderful to have Thursday off for Veteran’s Day! My best friend from high school had a few days off from pilot training, so we got to catch up! 
Friday afternoon, Mr. F and I drove from Seattle to Spokane to visit my little sister in nursing school. This is the turn-off that we were used to taking, when we went to Whitman. 
We saw wondrous windmills, in twilight, before we drove through Vantage, WA.
We made a quick stop in George, Washington, near the gorge. 
Saturday morning, we had yummy pastries at Madeline’s with my sissy!
We also tasted a little bubbly at Mountain Dome Winery. 
Saturday night, we had a blast watching the local Spokane Chiefs beat the Tri-Cities Americans! 
Sunday, we spent most of the day driving home and reminiscing. 
How was your weekend?

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