Magnificent Michigan wedding by K.Holly photography!!

How cute is this couple?! I wish I had thought of this adorable photoshoot idea! K. Holly Photography is a mastermind. The couple didn’t even see each other before the ceremony. K. Holly just put the photos together to look like it!
The succulent bouquets are luminous, simply stunning!
The display at table 8 is totally what I envisioned for our wedding! I hope one of my sisters gets married soon so we can implement some of these amazing design ideas into their wedding!!

P.S. What do you think of this dress by Elizabeth Dye?

I think Haven and the horses are perfectly captured here! I can see my sisters getting married on our family farm with a snapshot just like this Montana photo! If you’re curious about Elizabeth Dye’s dresses like I am, check out her Etsy shop for the English Department! The English Department also has a website and a brick-and-mortar shop in Portland, Oregon.

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