The Ballerina Project

Happy November! This is a perfect fall photo to celebrate the beginning of November. 
Lauren & Pickles at Prospect Park found on the Ballerina Project on Facebook.
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This picture more accurately portrays Seattle’s current weather. It’s also my favorite Ballerina Project photo.
Violeta – New York City + (Also known as Dancing in the Rain)
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What are you excited about this fall? We are planning our annual winter vacation to somewhere warm and dry. Guess what? It rhythms with Wowee!

2 thoughts on “The Ballerina Project

  1. Kristin

    You’re going to Hawaii??? Ahhhhhhh, so jealous. I’m looking forward to seeing my bestie next month in GA. That’s almost as good as Hawaii. : )

  2. Mrs. Bear

    Uhhhh those pictures are to die for – I love ballet and wish I looked that graceful while doing it (I am more of a hip hop/tap girl). HAWAII?? so jealous


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