STAR WARS costume (& giveaway on bun&borough)

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Have you been contemplating what to wear this weekend? Here’s what I’m considering: [source] vs  [source]
I’m watching STAR WARS and having a glass of the lovely Pirouette wine,  in anticipation for my Boba Fett costume tomorrow!!  Boba Fett first really appeared in my second favorite Star Wars movie, the Empire Strikes Back. You do see him super briefly in STAR WARS when you first see Jabba and the Millennium Falcon.  [source]
I found this awesome hoodie on Ecko’s website! I’m going to wear my grey hiking pants, silver 3 inch heels, and hopefully I’ll find something yellow to look like knee pads
By the way, if you’re interested in a new look, check out bun&borough’s giveaway You could possibly win an entire outfit from Land’s End Canvas, and THREE runner-ups can win a Trip Tote!! I really want to win this outfit.  Or this awesome work shirt![source]
Don’t underestimate the force!
(Yes, my husband is snickering and calling me a nerdy bird.)

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