Make a Mammogram Promise for you, or a loved one!

Getting a mammogram is one of the most important things a woman can do to protect her health. Unfortunately, more and more women are not getting the message. The percentage of women over 40 who reported having a mammogram has fallen over 15 percent in Washington State over the last year. That’s why Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is launching the Make a Mammogram Promise campaign.
This is why I’m spreading the word about mammograms. What’s more, if you make a Mammogram Promise at, you’ll get the chance to win to $25 gift certificate good at any AMC movie theatre. All you have to do is click on the link below and make your Mammogram Promise at
Lots of women, including Senator Patty Murray and Governor Christine Gregoire, have promised to get their mammograms, and so should you.
And best of all (at least for me!), your Mammogram Promise could help me win one of four Spread the Word Grand Prizes or six Runner-Up Prizes. That’s something you could win too!
Go to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance’s web site to learn more about mammography, digital mammography, and the providers who specialize in caring for women with breast problems. 

Find a Mammography Center In Your Area
Learn about Seattle Cancer Care Alliance’s Mobile Mammogram service.

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