We’re back from Boise!

We flew last minute to Boise because the tickets were a good deal and we had’t seen our best friend from college recently. We went to Boise Fry Company as one of our first orders of business. I can’t believe this place had 10 different kinds of fries made out of 6 different kinds of potatoes!
One of our next stops was Powell’s Sweet Shoppe. It was all decked out for Halloween and it was awesome! 
MMMmmmm, Moon Pies…
I was tempted by the brightly colored lollipop, that reminded me of going to Disneyland as a 5 year old, but I got saltwater taffy, black licorice, and gelato!
There were so many flavors, we couldn’t pick just one. Mr. F got tiramisu and I got white chocolate raspberry. I am enamored with Beav and Janelle’s dog, Jax. Here, he is practicing Dog Yoga (Doga)! Here’s Jax, playing with the hose in the backyard. Here’s Shorty and Jax together.  They’re both half Corgi! 
We jumped back on a quick (1 hour) flight home early this afternoon. 
We got home with just enough time to clean the house and grocery shopping before bed!

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