Karlstejn Castle

Saturday, September 18th, we took the train to Karlstejn, 40 minutes away from Prague.
Of the several castles we saw in the Czech Republic, Karlstejn Castle was my favorite. We arrived at the Karlstejn train station mid morning and wound our way up the hill for 30-40 minutes. We could see the fairytale castle the whole time, so we bypassed the charming little shops until our way back down.

The view from the castle was majestic. We could see Czech countryside for miles!
We had a tour of the castle that included replicas of the crown jewels! It was said the crown of King Charles IV had a stone from Jesus’ crown. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos inside but we got amazing view photos from the ramparts. 
We took the train back to Prague after a lovely lunch of svitcova and onion soup. 
Saturday evening, we met up with our Great Aunt Lida at a fun duck-themed pub. (Duck in Czech is husa!) I had the strangest but tastiest beer cocktail, called a Radler, which is Staroprammen and Sprite. 

 Much later that night, we took the metro back to our hotel at 11:30! With all the walking and touring each day, we never stayed up later than 10 pm. We were exhausted, but happy!

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