Vyšehrad on September 17th

We got lost looking for Vysehrad on the 17 tram on Friday, September 17th. Fortunately, we backtracked easily and found the “castle on the heights”. There were phenomenal views of the city from on top of the hill. Our favorite part was walking along the castle walls!
The ruins of the old fortifications overlook the Vltava River. 
 The tram from Vysehrad took us right by the Dancing House, so we took a quick photo opportunity. 
After lunch, we went for a boat ride down the Vltava!
 It was great to see the Charles Bridge from different angles. 
The statue detail of the Cechuv Bridge was my favorite part of the boat tour. 
We decided to wander around the trinket shops in Old Town after our boat trip. We didn’t find anything that we needed but I got my photo taken with the horses!
 September 17th was also the start of the Prague Wine Festival. It was a short walk from our hotel on Slovansky Island.
 We didn’t particularly care for the overly sweet Moravian wine, but we did find a new dessert wine….Hungarian Tokaj is AMAZING! 

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