I wish it was September 16th in Prague, again!

Since I’ve been back from Prague, I’ve been working long hours to catch up. To relax, I really enjoy going over my pictures again. To anyone traveling to Prague, I’d recommend visiting the Prague Castle a few times. St. Vitus Cathedral is remarkable inside and out. If you’re not too claustrophobic, I suggest climbing the 287 steps of the Bell Tower (in St. Vitus Cathedral). WARNING: it is a very steep set of stairs, so take breaks. We were extremely winded after climbing them, but the view is phenomenal. To see the top of the cathedral and all of the city of Prague is truly stunning. Here’s an example of the view!

The Observation Tower (also known as the fake Eiffel Tower) is a 15-20 minute walk from the castle, on Petrin Hill. The 299 stairs are easier to climb and even more picturesque. If you’re interested there is an elevator for an addition 50 crowns. Riding the Funicular Railway was quick and filled with neat views of Mala Strana. It seems like more than two weeks ago that we were wandering through the Jewish Quarter and going to dinner at a delicious and amazing brewery, U Fleku! 

3 thoughts on “I wish it was September 16th in Prague, again!

  1. Courtney

    oh! tell me where to go in Prague! I want to take a trip there this month! Tell me everything that I HAVE to do and what to avoid! And where to eat 🙂 We can compare pictures!


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