Today, Prague’s weather was rather reminescent of Seattle. We got metro passes yesterday so we are taking full advantage of them in the rain!! This morning, we took the tram to St. Vitus Cathedral and viewed the stunning stained glass windows. I’ll post the best photos next week.

This afternoon we took the tram and metro to Prague 4, Hodkovicky. Mr. F’s Great Aunt Ivana still lives in the ancestral home. We had delicious cakes and the Czech drink, Bechorovka. It is a very intensely herbal liquor. Fortunately, Great Aunt Lida spoke English and suggested I add tonic water to make it more palatable.

We’re going to Klub Architeku for dinner tonight because we hear they have sunkove knedliky. I loved the fruit dumplings my mother-in-law made a few years ago, so I can’t wait to try them in Prague!

We only have four more full days here, what would you suggest we do and see?

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