Hello from Prague!

I didn’t realize I could post from my husband’s iPad! Although I won’t be able to post pictures. šŸ™

We got into Prague via Amsterdam in what seemed like a short time, since we slept most of the way. On Sunday, our first full day here, we walked around Old Town Square. We had amazing svickova and knedlicky for dinner, which is roast beef and bread dumplings with delicious gravy. We were quite tired and went to bed at 10pm.

Yesterday, we wandered around the Prague castle with Aunt Lida. She showed us her favorite views from the castle and took us to a charming chaj/tea room! We even saw the church where Mr. F’s maternal grandparents were married!

This morning we took pictures from the Charles Bridge before it got too late in the morning. There are too many tourists out after 9am. We wound our way around Mala Strana through the windy streets near all the embassies. It started raining so the in-laws, Mr. F and I got lunch at a pub and then went to the Mucha Museum. The artwork reminds me of L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz illustrations. The women in particular remind me if Ozma of Oz!

I’ve taken 500 pictures since Saturday and it’s only Tuesday! Thankfully I bought an 8GB SD photo card, so I take up to 2000 photos. I will post just a few of my favorite photos after I get a chance to edit them.
Dobry den!

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