Awesome t-shirts

WOW, I was browsing the internet and this t-shirt made me laugh!

It’s the “i love ninjas” shirt by Crazy Dog tshirts. Who doesn’t love ninjas?
The dandelion tee is adorable too! It’s even called “that’s dandy“! 

I bought the Bluth’s Frozen Banana shirt for my husband because we both love Arrested Development! I’m such a nerd and couldn’t pass on this Bobba Fett shirt either…

I just wish it came in women’s sizes!

What are some of your favorite t-shirts?

2 thoughts on “Awesome t-shirts

  1. Cat

    I adore that dandelion one. I have bought the Bebito a few tee’s from a company called Well Spotted and although I don’t dig the icky kids slogan tees these ones are cool. He has a Star Wars one and it gets comments every time he wears it out. I am madly in love with Sass & Bide tees for me but at $100 a pop I don’t indulge often!


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