Lake Shoecraft mini vacation

My parents, grandparents, Mr. F, Janie, her boyfriend, and I, spent the weekend at Lake Shoecraft this weekend. (This is an hour Northwest of Seattle.) 
My Dad loved the old wooden water skis, used as signs, around the lake. He recognized them as vintage Dick Pope Jr. 1962 Cypress Garden water skisWe call our grandmother, Tootie, and she was a hoot the whole weekend.Everyone enjoyed fishing for Perch, Bass, and Trout. Janie had just caught one in this picture, but it jumped before I snapped the photo.Here it is, again! It was even warm enough to swim, Saturday night. Tootie had everyone stretch before getting in the water!Janie, Mom, and me outside the cabin at Lake Shoecraft.Grandpa Larry was hilarious too.We had delicious, fresh grilled Trout and cedar plank Salmon Saturday night.
This is our sunset view from the balcony!

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