Equestrian Shoot by Jose Villa on M loves M & OnceWed

Earlier this month, I saw this sweet photo shoot titled, Love is in the Air by Jose Villa.
 [All photos are from Jose Villa and M loves M.]

I adore these amazing equestrian themed photos, also featured on M loves M and OnceWed. If we ever have a wedding anniversary photo session, I would love it to be like this one with the lovely couple from M loves M.

Jose Villa lends such a magical, romantic quality to these photos. Each picture looks like a grown-up, little girl’s dream.

These ribbons remind me of mine from horse shows as a teenager. They now lay dusty in my parent’s horse barn, so perhaps I should dust them off!

Jose Villa also has a stunning photography blog, check it out! 
The light in this barn is makes it look so charming and gives a fairy-tale quality to the shoot. I’m quite envious of the fashionable Mara, the blogger behind M loves M.
[All photos are from Jose Villa and M loves M.]

One thought on “Equestrian Shoot by Jose Villa on M loves M & OnceWed

  1. Mara

    Emily you are so sweet to post this!! Thank you thank you. I definitely think you should do a shoot like this especially since you have such a history there 🙂


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