Looking for travel luggage tips, especially purses

We’re leaving for Prague in a little over two weeks! I can’t wait. I’ve been considering getting some kind of travel purse for wandering around town with all the tourists. Do you have any suggestions?

This TourSafe Security Wallet is rather cute…and anti-theft!

I like the slim, accordion style purse but it may be too similar in size to my money beltI’m also interested in the VaultSafe Basket Weave shoulder bag because I could fit my camera, my Moleskine notebook, and a water bottle in itIt also has  “a steel cable reinforced cross-body shoulder strap, and steel mesh embedded in the fabric, which foils slash-and-grab thieves”! Here’s another Anti-Theft hobo bag option too. 

 There’s also the Daymakers Medium Vertical Microfiber Security PurseIt comes in more colors than black and tan too!

My husband found a bunch of security travel bags on REI, but they’re too unisex for my taste. Where is the cute and happy medium? Please help me find a travel purse!

One thought on “Looking for travel luggage tips, especially purses

  1. Phoenix Peacock

    I think as long as your purse can securely fit over your shoulder and under your arm then you can get as cute a purse as possible!
    However, I’d still keep IDs and any big bills in one of the super secure bags – but isn’t that what your husband is for, so he can carry all that around?!


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