A fun in the sun weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend with our good friend, Beav! Friday night, we had a divine dinner at the Metropolitan Grill. Yes, we had the best steak in town with the most spectacular four cheese macaroni and cheese! There was a Saturday night stroll in the Shilshole Bay Marina…to walk off our fabulous dinner from my favorite restaurant, La Isla. The sunset was beautiful! We had Sunday brunch at the new Walrus and the Carpenter…This is the La Tur cheese and Ballard Honey…simply delicious.Mr. F had the fancy poached peaches and cream.He and our friend had the pork crepinette with brioche, apricots and a poached egg too!After brunch we wandered through the Ballard Farmer’s Market. And then, we went paddleboarding!! The boys decided they were more comfortable paddling from a lower stance.I really enjoyed the stabilizing/core muscle exercise and was able to stand for almost two hours!
If you’re ever in Seattle, check out Surf Ballard.

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