Anthropologie’s Raccoon Rumpus Blouse Review

I tried on the Raccoon Rumpus Blouse at Anthropologie yesterday.The swiss dot material and cut of this blouse are so perfect and flattering. I almost bought it, especially since I have a gift certificate that I won on Effortless Anthropologie, but it may be too striking to wear frequently. It looks great with jeans and perhaps with a short skirt. I tried it with a long skirt, but I wasn’t a fan. The Field Scout skirt is not for short girls. It has great pockets, but unfortunately the length of the skirt was at least two inches below my knees. If I wore four inch heels regularly, perhaps I might have pulled this look off.

Ultimately, I hesitated over the price of this beautiful raccoon blouse. It wasn’t too low cut, I could wear it to work or out to dinner, but I don’t regularly pay $88 for a top. It’s super pretty and I love the pattern, but I’m being indecisive. If you had a gift certificate, would you buy it? I’m worried if I wait to long, I won’t find it.

OMG, I just checked the sale rack online this morning! This adorable shirt dropped in price to $49.95!!! I’m sold. 

3 thoughts on “Anthropologie’s Raccoon Rumpus Blouse Review

  1. Beatriz

    Spending gifted money usually doesn’t cause much hesitation in my book 😉 But I’m glad it went on sale!! Double dip! My fave.

    PS I’m doing a giveaway to promote charity. Come check it out!


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