Kicking back…like we’re on our honeymoon

Slightly less than two years ago, we were celebrating our honeymoon on Kauai!
We’re now celebrating our wedding anniversary on a more local Washington island! 
The Puget Sound is a little too cold for snorkeling, (in my opinion,) but we will be going on beach walks! 
What’s your favorite island?

2 thoughts on “Kicking back…like we’re on our honeymoon

  1. star

    I’d have to say Oahu is my favorite island. We spent our honeymoon there. I want to visit all the othe Hawaiian islands though!

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. bananas.

    my favorite is oahu buut that’s because i have yet to travel to the other islands. hopefully this year i will!

    have fun on your trip and happy 2 year anniversary!!!


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