Almost anniversary…

Two years ago, I was attending my lovely bridal shower.  It was hosted by Grandmother, Tootie, and it was spa themed! (If you can’t tell from this next photo, our wedding had a honey bee theme!)  After the shower, my dad and I practiced our father/daughter dance to “Unforgettable” sung by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole.

Two years ago, I had my trial wedding hair and make up session, a few days before the wedding. I may be smiling for the photo but I was totally freaked out by the white foundation and lavender eyeshadow…yeesh! I totally pulled a bridezilla and asked for a different makeup artist on the day of the wedding. Two years ago today, my sister dropped off an early wedding present, Lily Thomas, the kitten!  (Please excuse my Casper the ghost makeup, I have still not washed it off from the salon!) Isn’t she adorable? I’m thinking of posting some rehearsal photos tomorrow and may be some wedding photos this weekend. Since we’ll out of town for our actual anniversary on Monday, I’ll post in advance!!

6 thoughts on “Almost anniversary…

  1. OneCraftyFox

    What a great way to look back, and I’m glad you did because I didn’t know you yet back then 🙂

    Have a great weekend! And I look forward to seeing more pics!

    PS you made a good decision getting rid of the makeup girl. Of course you don’t look bad at all in the photos, you never could, you are too darn gorgeous!


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