Efeste fete and more wine tasting on Sunday

Efeste Wines had a wonderful pizza and wine tasting party, on Sunday. There was a live jazz band and barrel tasting too! We were lucky enough to taste the 2009 Jolie Bouche Syrah before it was bottled!I thought all the wine glasses, lined up on the table, looked so pretty!My husband kept quoting I Love You, Man by saying, “slappin’ the bass” every time I said I wanted a picture of the band. 
Our next stop was Isenhower Cellars.  The Purple Paintbrush (a delicious Cabernet Franc blend) was my favorite wine. Next door to the Isenhower tasting room is the Elsom/Celaeno Winery.I adore their winery dog, Krista. Krista was so friendly, fluffy and cuddly that she made me want to get a dog!

2 thoughts on “Efeste fete and more wine tasting on Sunday

  1. bananas.

    ooh a winery dog!!! hope i get to see one this weekend. i’m going wine tasting on saturday. yee!

    love the wine glass pic and yes let’s slap da bass mon! love that movie. lol.


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