Steven’s Winery, a new favorite!

Mr. F and I will be celebrating our two year wedding anniversary next weekend! We had so much fun wine tasting today, it was like a mini tribute. 
We first stopped at Steven’s Winery. A few days ago, we picked up a bottle of Steven’s “Another Thought” Sauvignon Blanc at Full Pull wines
[Label from Steven’s Winery]
After drinking it last night, we really wanted to try more wines from Steven’s Winery. We had a phenomenal experience at the winery! The tasting room had a homey, Seattle vibe, authentic and not stuffy, or snobby. (This is an added bonus since you can experience stuffiness and snobbery at some of the Eastside wineries with some of their patrons.)  It’s an emerging Washington winery that’s a red and wine wine superstar. Plus, the wines are very reasonably priced, especially for their quality.
We were also lucky enough to meet the charming winemakers, Paige and Tim Stevens. Interesting fact: Tim made all the artwork around the winery, including these intriguing tiki faces, which were made out of two wine barrels.

We have found a new favorite winery and can’t wait for their next release in 3 weeks.

Tomorrow, I’ll write about Efeste and a couple other wineries that we toured today!

2 thoughts on “Steven’s Winery, a new favorite!

  1. Cat

    Happy Anniversary to you! It looks like a great place to visit. I live not too far away from the Barossa Valley here in Oz and (pre-Bebito especially) we loved nothing more than the quick drive to do some tasting. A wonderful way to spend the day.


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