Brittney Lee and PecknPaw artists!

Do you like Disney art? Were you the kind of kid who watched Disney movies over and over again, like me? Did you ever secretly wish you could draw like a Disney artist? 
I’ve introduced Brittney Lee to you all before and she’s just phenomenal! (See previous blog posts featuring Brittney Lee here, here, here, and most recently here.) Aren’t you just a teasy bit jealous (or in awe) when you read how she got her dream job at DisneyBrittney Lee and a group of 19 other amazing artists from Disney’s visual development team made an independent art book that comes out August 7th!

Check out PecknPaw and the Black Mirror,  if you’re interested, I found some example pages and links to the artist websites!


All the featured artwork was found on the PecknPaw blog and Gallery Nucleus. If you’d like to order a copy of this neat art book, you can pre-order it on Gallery Nucleus! 

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