Trip to Tacoma with Mandy

I didn’t feel super great when I woke up this morning, so I took a sick day. After a little more sleep and reading more of A Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest,

I felt nearly normal. My best friend wanted to check out the Tacoma Art Museum and I went along! Tacoma was so beautiful and I had no idea! The weather was perfect. It was bright and sunny and 70 degrees out! Mount Rainer was in fine form and it looked so close to Tacoma!  The museum was really fun and I really enjoyed all the glass art by Dale Chihuly. There were amazing sculptures inside and out of the building. We crossed the bridge from Union Station to the Glass Museum and saw even more Chihuly artwork! This is the stunning piece inside the Union Station. On our way out of town I even saw a cute cupcake shop! We didn’t have time to go in because we wanted to beat the rush hour traffic between Tacoma and Seattle.This visit totally opened my eyes to the beauty of this town. I really liked Tacoma and next time I go there, I’ll have to stop in.

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