Sunny Saturday and Surf Ballard

Mr. F and I got up early today and went for a nice, long 6 mile walk along Alki in West Seattle. There was a great breeze and it felt warm, yet not over 75 degrees. I missed a spot along my tank top strap, when applying SPF 45 and got a mild sunburn. Apparently the Seafair pirates were also landing on Alki Beach today! We stayed away from the major crowds but it looked like a blast!  After a delicious sushi lunch at Chinoise, we met up with Nichole to go paddle boarding in Puget Sound. We rented boards and paddles from Surf Ballardand walked across to the street to Shilshole Bay Beach Club (coincidently where Mr. F and I got married!) 

(The purple tables are where our reception took place August 2nd, 2008!)

We had so much fun.  The weather was perfect and the water wasn’t as cold as we expected! We all remembered the infamous Friends episode of what to do when you get stung by a jellyfish. Fortunately, we just saw them from on top of our boards and no one touched them! And not to worry, we all had waterproof SPF 70 on!!

After a hardy workout, we came home and barbecued Ahi Tuna! We also had just a splash of Dusted Valley 2009 Rose.  It was divine!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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