Love my new haircut!

I love the look and style of my hair after going to the hair salon! Today I left work early, when it was only 87 degrees outside, and drove to Madison Park to get my haircut.  I was tempted to cut all my hair off, but Heather the hairstylist reminded me, longer hair is less work. After a delicious air conditioned session and a blowout that my stylist called “the Victoria’s Secret Look”, I stepped out into 95 degree weather. Seriously? How is it this hot in Seattle?!?!?
 Mr F and I had a movie date and my hair still looks phenomenal in this heat and humidity. Normally, I’m a low maintenance girl, as in, I let my hair air dry with a little fancy Aveda product, or sometimes the latest new spray gel/mousse combination on sale at the grocery store. Thus, getting my hair styled is such a treat! Thank goodness I had a gift certificate to Salon Dallas!

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