Pink Parisian Summer Style and Sundresses

 The always amazing Jessica Alba is wearing a perfect sundress in Paris. May I have this outfit and shoes please? [source] I think I could imitate her messy up-do hair style, at least! And guess where she’s going?  The Christian Dior Runway Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011 show!  It seems the Willie Wonka hair is in fashion but I personally like the pink sparkles. I kind of like this dress too, although I can’t think of an appropriate event to wear this masterpiece to, nor the excuse to primp/pimp my hair out.  [source]

Gossip Girl Parisian summer fashion is intriguing and pink too, although it may be a bit much for the grey Seattle weather.  What fashion finds, or styles, have you been noticing this summer?

3 thoughts on “Pink Parisian Summer Style and Sundresses

  1. Kristin

    That dress is delicious. Jessica looks AMAZING. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect chambray sundress myself. Although, LV has me seriously swooning over ladylike silhouettes right now!


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