Kayaking for my sister’s 24th birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Janie!  I’m so happy we  got to celebrate together with kayaking, donuts, and a trip to REI! Mr. F and I had a great time kayaking on Lake Union. We love taking pictures with the Space Needle in the background. 
We went on a houseboat and barge tour around Gasworks Park and Northlake.  We saw jumping fish, cute ducks, and an adorable puppy!  If you’re ever in Seattle, and you want to go kayaking, check out Northwest Outdoor Center!
Here’s a map of Lake Union where we kayaked! We started in Westlake, crossed to Eastlake then paddled up to Northlake.  [If you’re interested in floating homes, the Seattle Real Estate Blog has a great guide.] We had such a good time, we plan to rent kayaks and make it to Lake Washington later this summer!

2 thoughts on “Kayaking for my sister’s 24th birthday!

  1. Kristin

    Wow, do I wish I still lived up North…Florida has too many Gators for kayaking. HA! Loooooove the bunting border! I totally just ordered one for the dude’s party very similar to that!


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