Fireworks and sundresses

The rain yesterday eased up a little before 10pm, so Mr. F and I decided to venture out a few blocks away to watch the fireworks from the top of the hill. Our grand plan of running around the lake and watching the fireworks in my parents backyard, had been washed away, literally.  Fortunately, we had a great family style, fried chicken dinner with my grandparents at the Hi-Life which was delicious and way more fun than barbecuing in the rain. 

Here are my favorite shots from Lake Union’s fireworks display last night. I finally figured out how to use the fireworks option on my camera and it’s awesome.

Today, Mr. F is making eggs in ramekins with ham and munster cheese.  I can’t wait for breakfast. While they cook I’m looking up summer dresses on Lesley Evers. I’ve recently discovered this lovely site from Starfish and Sundresses! There’s a great discount for readers of Starfish and Sundresses. I’m very tempted to get the Paige dress in Navy Florette. What do you think?

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