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Blog hop, anyone?

Thanks to the NYC Island Girl, I’ve just heard about about blog hopping and the “Commandments of Comments” for the first time. NYC Island Girl and the Lady Bloggers Society have great rules to write by and the following rules make the most sense to me!


  • Thou shall not call names. If you disagree with the author’s opinion, state why. Provide sources or examples of your experiences. Don’t just say “You’re dumb.” Maybe the author IS dumb- but don’t just say so, prove it!
  • Thou shall not encourage trolls to dwell. If you don’t know what a troll is, I envy you. When you encounter a troll, do not add fuel to the fire. Do not even acknowledge their existence. Trolls are like the bullies in grade school- if you let them know they bother you, they’ll never leave you alone; but if you ignore them, they’ll go give someone else a wedgie.

Now, according to the blog hop, I’m suppose to share random facts about myself.

1. I was born and raised in Seattle, except for the 4 years I lived in Walla Walla for college. (This may explain my love of mountains, sailing, wine, and almost all things Pacific Northwest.)

2. I love taking photos. My blog serves as a great example of how I can take pictures of anything and everything.
3. I love sailing but I never take the time to get out the family’s Laser. It’s been long enough that I may have forgotten how to try a bowline!

4. I used to take hunter/jumper lessons all through middle school and high school. I don’t think I’ve ridden consistently for nearly 10 years! Although, every once and awhile, I’ll take an easy trail ride with my sisters.

My pony, Rainbow, still lives at the family farm. She is now in her twenties and lives the luxe life of eating and sleeping all day.

5. Mr. F moved to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to mountains, water, and trees. (And this is all before he met me!)

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