Ferry ride to and from Orcas

 Sunny weather, warm wind and ferry rides are a perfect combination in the summer!My sister is so funny!  The skies were so brilliantly blue on Friday. I didn’t even edit this photo! 
On Sunday, the weather wasn’t as pretty but I still got fantastic photos!Janie, Katie, and I had fun in the wind on ferry! What’s your favorite ferry ride?

3 thoughts on “Ferry ride to and from Orcas

  1. OneCraftyFox

    Oh I love ferry rides. I used to work at a resort in the summers when I was a student. A friend of mine used to do night time ferry tours, he was supposed to drive the boat and do the dialogue, but he always suckered me into doing handling the mic (and I didn’t work the ferry boat). lol! One of my fav memories ever, thanks for the reminder 🙂


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