An afternoon at the family farm

My sister’s graduation party was in Stanwood yesterday. It was so fun even if it was raining the entire time. We had good company, amazing live music, and great food. It was relaxing to sit in canvas chairs and listen to the rain on the metal roof above us. The country air was refreshing too. Here are some of my favorite photos!

I love this sign that my parents found at a country fair.
How sweet are these pink peonies in the pole barn, in a grain bucket?Congrats Janie and Chris on graduating from nursing school!!

4 thoughts on “An afternoon at the family farm

  1. Mrs. Bear

    I want a family farm!!! I grew up on a “farm” with a broken down barn and no animals… well, we had lots of cats, wild turkeys, deer, and woodchucks, but nothing cool like a horse or a piggy.

  2. Samantha Levang

    I would love to have a party out in the country! I was tempted to do a barn wedding, but I don’t have any family in the country and didn’t want to pay thousands for one of those really fancy barn type venues.

  3. Kristin

    YAY, congrats to your sis. And your fam’s place looks so fun!

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