Zen and the Art of Billingham (4 Day Weekend Catch-Up)

Our best-est friend is in town. Instead of diluting the last few hours of vacation and Bill time, I’ll post the weekend’s pictures quickly, with short captions.  Saturday night, we had dinner with Nichole and her dog, Murphy!  He loved the blue stuffed animal we got him, a few weeks ago!  Sunday morning, we found a funky brunch place on Phinney Ridge, called el Chupacabra. They have great, heavy Mexican breakfasts. Apparently, a good happy hour too.  Sunday night, Bill came into town. Since’s he’s been on the East Coast, without great sushi, we had delicious fusion sushi at Chinoise Cafe! My favorite is always a Spicy Tuna Roll, but I also really enjoyed the Saigon Tuna Roll, even if it was spicier than I can handle!  Monday, we wandered around Pike Place, enjoying the afternoon sunshine and humbaos. We stopped at the Tasting Room in Post Alley, for a flight of wine too.   Today was pretty grey but not raining, so we walked along Alki Beach in West Seattle and then went to Elliott Bay Brewing Company for lunch. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! 

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