More pictures from Port Townsend and Happy Hour with coworkers!

This is my week in pictures. (Wild roses in Port Townsend, next to our breakfast table.) This time last week, we enjoyed sunshine in Port Townsend, an 8 mile run, and delicious food and wine. (Please see the chocolate tort evidence from T’s restaurant in the next photo.)Monday and Tuesday sped by with lots of work! Wednesday was a going away happy hour for a coworker. We enjoyed $3 burgers and raspberry martinis!

I worked late Thursday, so I ran home from work! I was so proud of myself for making myself run nearly 4 miles at 6:30pm, after a long work day. 
Last night, we went to a Small French Producers from Champagne, Burgundy & Rhône wine tasting at Portalis. It was magnificent. I especially enjoyed a Brut Rose from Champagne The Jacques Copinet champagne website says this will be best with pastries and fruit sorbet, which are my favorite! Here’s the rest of the wine description:

Tonight, we’re invited to a friend’s house for asparagus, pea, and scallops risotto! We’re bringing cheese, crackers, and great wine. Sunday night, our best-est friend from college is coming to visit. This is going to be a great four day weekend!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend everyone!!!

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