Port Townsend trip

I’m back from my three day vacation and I can’t wait to share photos from our trip with you. 
Mr. and Mrs. F on the ferry ride from Edmonds to Kingston!
There were Tall Ships docked in Port Townsend!
Our celebratory 2003 Leonetti Cabernet and our view from the Tides Inn!
Mr. F at brunch at the adorable Courtyard Cafe in Downtown Port Townsend.
Our eight mile run on the Larry Scott Memorial Trail. (Yes, I ran with the camera!) It was so gorgeous that it was easy to run for ninety minutes straight. This is one of the longest runs I’ve ever done!
If you ever have the pleasure of going to Port Townsend, you can hike, run, bike, or ride your horse on this beautiful trail. It goes along Port Townsend Bay, the paper mill, and into the woods along Highway 20. It’s well maintained and even wheelchair accessible. 
Saturday night, we had dinner and an amazing bottle of wine at Bella Italia in Port Angeles. (Yes, the place where Bella and Edward have dinner in Twilight! I did not get the mushroom ravioli…this time.) We scored this amazing vintage of Quilceda Creek for way below Seattle’s market price! We are huge wine nerds and this was quite a steal and sooo delicious.

It was such a nice weekend, but now I need to get ready for Monday!

One thought on “Port Townsend trip

  1. Teresa

    How much fun Emily!
    Where did you stay?
    And I am popping over to check out that trail!
    Looking forward to seeing all of your pics!


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