Cream, pink and red colored roses…

It’s May and the roses are starting to bloom in Seattle. I love running by hedges of wild roses and catching a quick gust of their heady aroma. There are several rows of bushes between my house and the Ballard Locks and I always look forward to smelling them. (It also cancels out the smell of bums under the bridge, as my husband and running partner puts it.)

I’ve always enjoyed roses. My mom planted an Emily rose when I was born and my grandmother even transplanted it when we moved. I can still visit it to this day, over twenty five years later.

One of my favorite pictures on my desk at work, is of my husband and me in the Portland Rose Garden, when we first started dating.

Do you have any favorite flower memories?

2 thoughts on “Cream, pink and red colored roses…

  1. Teresa

    Well how sweet that your mom planted a rose in your honor.
    I adore the smell of sweet roses too!
    Don’t you love smelling sweet smells when you run and walk!


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