Things I enjoy on the weekend!

Mr. F and I had a leisurely brunch at the top of Queen Anne this morning at the 5 spot. “Seattle” is featured in their themed menu this quarter. I had the delightful Cafe Mocha French Toast. “Thick cut brioche dipped in a chocolaty-coffee custard, griddled and embraced by espresso/hazelnut syrup, whipping cream & coco nips.” After brunch and grocery shopping, we wandered over to Eat Local and McCarthy & Schiering

My husband and I love the delicious organic and local frozen foods that you can purchase at Eat Local. When we’re super busy work it’s nice to have a healthier pop-in-the-oven option. My favorites are their crispbread pizzas, Walla Walla Onion Soup, and Pork Cassoulet. 

McCarthy & Schiering is recent guilt pleasure of ours. It’s an amazing wine shop . They have a very healthy Washington wine selection, which we found very tempting today. 

Now we’re off to buy new running shoes since we’ve been running at least 10-15 miles, sometimes up to 20 miles a week. I bought new running shoes in January and they are losing all their tread!

I’m also excited to go to dinner at my friend Nichole’s house tonight. She’s making something special and delicious for 8 to 9 of us, and we’re bringing dessert wine and cupcakes! I’ll make sure to take some lovely photos!



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