We just bought our tickets for Prague!!!

We just bought our tickets to go to Prague in September! I’m so EXCITED!!!

Have you been there before? Do you have any suggestions? I’m so busy at work, I haven’t had much time to look at tourist attractions and lodging. I welcome any ideas!!!

4 thoughts on “We just bought our tickets for Prague!!!

  1. Katie

    omgoodness you are going to LOVE it! we went our first married christmas with the mister’s family and it is SUCH a magical place! ooooo i’m so jealous!!! it was FREEZING when we went so my suggestion would be to take warm clothes, but i don’t think that’ll be the case in sept. just make sure to see the castle up on the hill (can’t remember the name) and the clock tower that does all these different FUN things when it chimes on the hour. you will LOVE it!!!

  2. Christine Pobke

    ooooh LOVED IT!! i went about ten years ago so don’t remember where we stayed, but i do remember it being my most faaaavoritest city in europe (still is!). you’re going to have a fabulous time! xoxo


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