Gorgeous Dresses and Details

Wedding season is starting soon! I love seeing all the gorgeous gowns and pretty wedding emails in my email inbox. I just had to share a few of my favorites!
Pictures from the Ruffled Blog (Pictures taken in Charleston, South Carolina):
Wedding Dresses: Carol Hannah’s shop / Hair: Rouge of Charleston / Makeup: III Jay Productions/ Photography: Caroline Ghetes / Models: Emily Hammond and Cecilia Johnson / Vintage Masks: Sweet Ruin

Don’t forget to check out Carol Hannah’s shop and blog. You can also follow her on Twitter, @HappilyEverCH.

If I were to add one thing to my wedding assemble, I would have added a beautiful headband. The new ban.do headbands are nearly as glamourous as the these Carol Hannah wedding dresses. What do you think of this headband called, Let Them Eat Cake?  I love the model’s red hair with the blue ostrich feather. (As a child, I totally wanted to have red hair like this, after reading Anne of Green Gables!)
By the way, Cupcake Royale has a new flavor, just perfect for weddings. It’s Lemon Mascarpone. 

I’ve recently seen Wink Cupcakes on Queen Anne too. Has anyone tried them? I love their website photos. 

What are your favorite wedding details?

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