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Wishful Wednesday…Glee character

It’s time for Wishful Wednesday! 
‘I wish’ …. I could be a GLEE character for an episode and it would be _Rachel Berry_! 
Who wouldn’t want to be Rachel? She’s talented, self-assured, and a self-described star! She’s got a fun, preppy sense of style. She can belt all my favorite songs with pizazz! 
If you’re need a refresher on the character, the Wished Upon A Star blog has a great description of Rachel.
I would have especially loved to be her in high school. The biggest parts I played were Sandy from Grease and Hermia from A Midsummer’s Night Dream. 
I loved playing the lead, but I wish I had started singing and dancing like Rachel Berry at a younger age! 
(I’m thinking of a particular line from the episode, Sectionals. 
Mercedes Jones: Look Rachel, the truth is; you’re the best singer we’ve got. 

Kurt Hummel: As much that it hurts me to admit it, and it does… shes right. Rachel is our star. If anyone is gonna go belted on the fly, it should be her.
Rachel Berry: Well, I do have something that I’ve been working on since I was four.)


Rachel Berry is amazing! I wish every girl in high school could have (even half of) her confidence!

This was our view to the East from our reading spot on Sunday afternoon. Mount Rainier was out in full glory. 
After entering data all weekend, it was really refreshing to relax on the rocky beaches and finish my book, Temple of the Winds
Mr. F loved his wearing his crazy new shoes, the Five Fingers. He says it’s like being barefoot and it strengthens your feet. It should be good for running! 
It’s crazy that they have individual toes! I’m not sure I could pull them off, but my husband enjoys them so much he insists I should try them. 
I think they look a little like frog feet…

The Performa are primarily indoor shoes. 
The Classic or the Sprint are probably best for beach walks and running.

What do you think?