Country memories

When I was a child, I would escape chores to read in the tall grass at our farm. Sometimes I would build fairy huts in the grass, or wait quietly to spy on wild rabbits that would venture out of the blackberry bushes. When I saw this painting by Albrecht Durer, on my iGoogle art of the day homepage, it instantly transported me back to reading Little House on the Praire, Nancy Drew, and the Phillip Pullman books in the hay fields.

Do you have favorite pieces of art that remind you of a particular memory?

4 thoughts on “Country memories

  1. Kristin

    I don’t know the name of the artist…but I grew up looking at my Nonnie’s painting of three young ladies staring out at the water…It always made me think that I had limitless options!

  2. Smile, Emily

    that painting reminds me of a book I used to read when I was little about a little rabbit who was looking for his mother. very similar to the drawings of the grasses in that book. thanks for sharing – I love durer 😉

  3. Patriotic Princess

    That painting reminds me of my farm. It’s amazing how a picture can bring you to another place!

    P.S. I saw the pictures on the side of your maine coon kitties 🙂 I can two and I just love them, they are so funny.

    Thanks for sharing the picture, xoxo!

  4. Teresa

    Why does the FLAMINGO light up painting that was over my grandmother’s fancy bed come to mind.
    When we slept in her fancy bed…very modern…from New York…we always lit up the flamingos and the whole room would turn PINK!
    You know I loved that!
    Have you seen the movie Miss Potter…my favorite!
    If not…
    Emily you will love it!


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