Are you ready for Glee?

Are you excited for Glee to return with the second half of their amazing first season? There’s currently a free clip on iTunes of a brand new musical number, “Gives You Hell” by the All-American Rejects. I wasn’t familiar with the song, but the sneak peak was very fun and worth checking out. (I tried to upload it but either iTunes or Blogger wouldn’t let me.) I’m so excited for Glee to return day after tomorrow! It’s on the FOX channel right after American Idol at 9:28pm. I’m practically counting the minutes to that strange time. 
If you need a re-cap on the beginning of the season, here are a few fun links I found on YouTube.
There’s a quick explanation and interview of the main characters.
Recap on my favorite episode, Hairography.
One of my favorite numbers, You Keep Me Hanging On.
Preview of the episodes to come…..
If you’ve seen the show, what are your favorite episodes? If you haven’t seen the show, please watch the pilot, and tell me what you think. The first episode hooked me with its satirical and musical perspective of high school. It’s appealing to just about anyone who went to high school.

2 thoughts on “Are you ready for Glee?

  1. Katie

    i got into it late last year and actually said out loud after seeing it the first time “WHY haven’t i been watching this show!?!?” i can’t WAIT for it to start tomorrow night! but my dvr is going to go nuts on me, with recording american idol, glee and lost, it’s not going to have any more room! i guess i’ll HAVE to watch one live. boo, no ffwing through commercials 🙁 i guess there are worse things 🙂


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