Daily Archives: April 11, 2010

Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon?!

Wow, How to Train Your Dragon is a thrilling and wonderful movie. The story is fascinating, the graphics are fantastical, and the characters are so fun! I especially enjoyed Toothless, the night fury dragon. It reminds me of Foosa, our old kitten.  It was so feline and sweet, yet dangerous.  (source) It was my first 3D experience since I was a child too! I can’t believe how cool the 3D glasses are now. I was so surprised when they were not paper with plastic red and blue lenses!   (source
I wonder if the children’s book is as appealing to adults as the film. Check out IMDB for more amazing screen shots from the movie!
We trained our own dragon today by taking our long haired Maine Coon Mix kitty, Lyra, to the groomers. This is Lyra, this morning, before her haircut. 
This is after we picked her up from Lookin’ Good, the dog and cat grooming salon. 

She’s much happier and cooler, plus we won’t have to vacuum every day!