Where should I go next as a vacation?

Last month I went to Wisconsin on a four day vacation for a family reunion. The month before, in February, Mr. F and I went to Boise to visit our college friends for three days. This month we’re thinking it’s time to visit the Olympic Peninsula again! We had a wonderful in Forks last February and in Port Townsend last July and August.  Do you have a favorite three day weekend vacation spot?

2 thoughts on “Where should I go next as a vacation?

  1. Kelly Marie

    I live in MA so my favorite 3 day vacation spot is anywhere on Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard! Not too far, so it’s not too expensive but relaxing just the same!

  2. Teresa

    Well of course I think the OLYMPIC PENINSULA is the perfect getaway!
    Let me know what you are planning…and what trails you will be taking. There are some great little cabins on VRBO to stay in up in the Olympic National Park. Type in Port Angeles and check them all out!


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