Daily Archives: March 29, 2010

Don’t Rain On My Parade

Seattle was very rainy today. I don’t mind running when it’s sprinkling or even getting caught in heavier rain at the end of a run, but it’s been pouring on and off all day. Instead of running, Mr. F and I ran errands. We finally got the snow tires off of our car (yes, we had snow tires thus, it never snowed this year!) We went to Trader Joe’s. I took the car to the car wash and did laundry. At three this afternoon, I was thinking about running, but I decided to watch Funny Face instead of getting soaked! I am so surprised I had never seen Funny Face. The Glee finale made me want to see the original “Don’t Rain on My Parade”. I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to share with you all!Ā 

My favorite part is two minutes and twenty seconds into this clip, where Fanny Brice is singing her heart out on the tugboat passing the Statue of Liberty! (It even makes me forget her three inch long fake nails!)

I couldn’t quite find the scene from Glee that sparked my curiosity, so here’s a mash-up clip from Glee, Funny Face, and Idina Menzel that shows most of my favorite Glee scene:

Hope you enjoy these clips!