Magic juice & Champagne Saturday

Here’s what I’m thinking of doing this Saturday night,  trying this Magic juice recipe! I’m also excited it’s  The Bon Bon Rose Girls started the tradition of “Post a pic of yourself enjoying a delectable beverage of some sort or post photos of a look you would like to be sportin’ and a drink you would like to be sipping.”

I’m currently shopping for new Cole Haan Air ballet flats! I posted about the Air Bacara’s last week, so now I’m hunting for the best deal online! Any suggestions? 

4 thoughts on “Magic juice & Champagne Saturday

  1. Mrs. Bear

    My drinks yesterday were nothing worth photographing (think one lonely pint of beer, haha). If I could ever figure out how to respond to comments on my blog it would be the best day ever…

    We were only in Paia for an afternoon (much to my dismay)… we had reservations at Mama’s Fish House – made by my hub’s mom – so we didn’t work exploring the surfer town into our schedule. Next time we go to Maui I am spending a whole day in Paia, and bringing a bucket full of cash to spend at the incredible clothing boutiques we stopped in!


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