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What did you wish for as a kid?

As a child, I believed in fairies and monsters under the bed. When I saw this print on Rifle Paper Co., it reminded me of my vivid imagination as a child. I totally saw eyes in dark corners and wings on leaves. When I saw scary movies, they stuck with me for months, I couldn’t handle vampires until college. They were just too scary! When I started thinking of scary things that go bump in the dark, I’d imagine myself in my favorite book of the moment. I had many imaginary friends that were characters from books and movies, Jo from Little WomenHaakon Haakonsen

 from Shipwrecked and most of the characters from Star Wars. The Flower Fairies

were ever present, just not seen.

When I was a child, I’d hope for silly things, like 
a pony. 
(This wish was completed!)

To be a Olympic equestrian.
To have curly blond hair and blue eyes, like Shirley Temple, or wavy red hair, like Anne of Green Gables. 
To be the smartest kid in class or the funniest.
To wear fancy dresses or a ball gown like Cinderella.
To play ball like Dottie and Kit in League of their Own
To meet a boy like Teddy from the Emily of New Moon series by L.M. Montgomery. (This wish came true too!)
To read anytime I wanted!!

What did you wish for as a kid?

P.S. I got this blog posting idea from Cupcakes and Cashmere!

Thoughtless Thursday…

Photobucket alt=”Photobucket” width=”125″ height=”125″ />

Cute Katie at Life in the Fulmer Lane started, “Thoughtless Thursday“. Here’s the deal.  Pick a picture (or a bunch) of WHATEVER you want.  No explanation needed (but is more than welcome). 

My sweet little sister, Katie, texted me this picture the other day! Enjoy!
This is a beautiful front window display from Anthropologie. Can you believe these flowers are plastic bottles cut up and painted?

What are you doing on Thoughtless Thursday?