Movies that make me cry….

We just finished watching The Time Traveler’s Wife

Yeesh, I haven’t cried that easily during a movie since I Am Sam. Rachel McAdams playing Clare was even better than I imagine when reading the book. She was so heartfelt and she made me cry so much! I read the book several years ago and forgot how bittersweet the entire book was, but especially the ending. I thought the film was a wonderful rendition of the book and exceeded my expectations with the special effects. Of course, I’m biased because I think Rachel McAdams is an adorable actress and I enjoy everything she’s in. (Hello, She WAS the main character in The Notebook!)

The trailer for The Time Traveler’s Wife shows all the best parts of the movie and fortunately doesn’t make me too sad when I rewatch it! 

If you like romantic movies with a dash of science fiction and don’t mind a tearjerker, enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Movies that make me cry….

  1. Faith

    I watched that movie recently too!! I bawled like a little baby when it was done. It was wonderful.
    I cried a lot at the new movie “Brothers” that just came out to rent. Look for a review of it on my blog tomorrow!


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