3 thoughts on “Spring Ducklings

  1. Teresa

    Oh Emily!
    Do you know how much I adore ducklings?
    When I taught FIrst Grade…we hatched baby geese!
    Ordered the eggs…and they were delivered to our class!
    Put them in an incubator and slowly turned them for over 30 days!
    When they began hatching…they knew the sound of my voice…and I would cheer them on when they were getting tired…and wanted to give up!
    One night we stayed in my classroom til after midnight helping the geese along!
    Then we raised them in our class…in the back of our room…in a huge kennel with hay!
    ANd the kids took them outside and played with them…and then they got so BIG Greg had to drive them alllll the way from TN to Alabama in the back of our SUV where we put them on our pond to grow!
    Oh what an adventure!
    So sweeeeeeet!
    So Sweeeeet!
    Hey Emily!
    Will you email me and tell me again the hike that you most love.
    You sent it once but I can’t find.
    Looking for a new hike!


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