I LOVE Vacation

Today was beautiful in Seattle! It was especially nice because it’s my husband’s birthday and we took the rest of the week off from work! Yay! We went to REI and Feathered Friends for presents for Mr. F, and then we had a fabulous lunch on the beach of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches from Paseo and Talbott wine. This is our view from our Crazy Creek perch on the beach:
 We even saw a Bald Eagle several yards away from us! Tomorrow we leave for Boise to celebrate with our friends! Cheers!

3 thoughts on “I LOVE Vacation

  1. Teresa

    Oh what a lovely day!
    How nice that you took the rest of the week off! yeah!!!
    Do have a fabulous weekend celebrating in Boise!!! Worn the PINK scarf yet? ;o)


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