Tulips remind me of ballet …

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Isn’t spring so romantic? It’s creeping into Seattle, with cherry blossoms appearing and bright green grass growing faster.

These gorgeous green and pink tulips, with a hit of red at the tips, remind me of ballet slippers. The petals arching together remind me of the pointe shoes of ballerinas.

Growing up, springtime meant new little chicks or baby bunnies in our family. One year, my sisters and I each received a baby rabbit for Easter, needless to say we had way more than 3 by the end of the summer! Many years in a row, we would also drive up to La Conner for the tulip festival.

I may just have to make a trip to the tulip fields this year. Last time I went to Skagit Valley for the tulips we brought our feisty Tokanese kitten in the car and she loved it too. What are your favorite spring traditions?

2 thoughts on “Tulips remind me of ballet …

  1. Mrs. Bear

    I used to love taking walks at the park across from my apartment complex in the Spring when I lived in Atlanta and seeing all the new momma and poppa ducks and their babies! Now that I live in Md I’ll have to find a new park before spring!


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